Off into Michigan

Short post here without pictures, mainly because it’s already past 10 and I need to sleep. I rode 92 miles today, my longest day yet, and got in late, then ate and spent the rest of the time researching route options. 
I crossed into Michigan yesterday (state #3 down) and today am in a motel on the edge of Saginaw. The area is pretty desolate; I wonder if Saginaw is sort of a mini-Detroit. Flint is also nearby; I wonder if the tap water here is ok. This is the first real motel of the trip. The other place that called itself one was really a collection of cabins surrounded by woods and visited by bears in the night. This one is surrounded by dystopian-looking abandoned suburban sprawl and an interstate, and visited by shady hillbilly types at night. 
At least it is a change in scenery. Today’s riding, despite the distance, failed to vary at all from mile to mile in the views it offered. At least the weather was very nice (I’ll risk jinxing myself by mentioning that I seem to have ridden north out of the swathe of terrible weather that will beset Pennsylvania for the next few weeks) and I started taking pictures of barns, for lack of much else to photograph. 

Tomorrow I may sleep in a bit and do a shorter day, or potentially another 80-miler. I’ve got to shop for some supplies, though, including food for an upcoming stint camping in state and national forests. The southern half of the state seems to be entirely farmland, veined and interspersed with small woodlots, but the north looks much more wild. I’m looking forward to seeing a few state parks and doing some camping. 

Since I know this might be the last post until Ive completed a much more photogenic part of the trip, I guess I ought to include photos here. But a few nice barn shots aside, I really have not taken many for the last few days. The views have changed only subtlely and while many as enjoyable enough to ride through, barely any make for good photos. So I’ll have to catch up at some future time when I’ve again got outlets and wifi. Not sure exactly how long that will be. Hopefully I’ll at least have cell signal in the meantime so feel free to check in that I’m not dead! Of course, lack of response would not necessarily mean I am dead, so I guess that wouldn’t be very reassuring. 


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