Wind River

So I woke up on Tuesday, the day the tire was supposed to arrive (albeit potentially not until 8pm according to the tracking page; the prospect of this meaning is have have to spend another night in Thermopolis was not pleasing me) and checked my email. I learned that the tire was now in “Ontario, CA.” A bit later once I’d woken up more I realized this meant Ontario, California, which at least did away with the mystery of why the thing had gone all the way from Phoenix to eastern Canada. 

It was also delayed for reasons which I was not privy to; the new delivery date was “Tues-Fri.” After a shower and breakfast I examined my options; the only feasible one was to take the risk and ride out on the skinny tire I’d been gifted – and hope it didn’t blow up on me on some lonely desert road thirty miles from civilization. 

Luckily, Amazon was quite ready to call back the order and refund my money; it was almost too easy. Also luckily, the tire has not given out yet. If all goes well, I’ll end tomorrow night in Jackson where, hopefully, one of the bike shops will have a reliable touring tire in stock. Jackson being the town in Jackson Hole, that being the valley just below the iconic Teton mountains. 

Naturally, just before my arrival to one of the most monumental and photogenic places in America, my camera would break. Its lens won’t retract and so it can’t proper turn itself off or on again. I assume it’s beyond repair; even if not, I have no way to effectively protect the exposed lens from even more scratches. It is of course so scratched already (thanks partly to so much use in dusty deserts) that I was pondering its replacement, but I kind of hoped it would last the duration of this trip, or at least not die suddenly in a place where replacing it could be a tall order. With any luck, Jackson will have something decent. 

Yesterday morning I got to ride through the beautiful Wind River Canyon out of Thermopolis, and came into view of the mountain range of the same name. This valley is more well-watered than the Bighorn Basin was and the scenery looks more like Nebraska with mountains on the horizon. Or like Napoleon Dynamite, but I’m sure I’ll get to see some of that in Idaho too. 

All yesterday and Today Ive also had a really fierce headwind. Slogging along st 7mph at times. Anyway, just met some Dutch cycle tourists – the first since joining the TrasAmerica Trail this morning. Exciting! 


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