Wind River (with pictures!)

A batch of photos, while I wait for the Episcopal church in Dubois, WY to finish up a meeting in the same room where they let cyclists sleep. Including the last photos probably ever taken by my late camera. Also, I meant to make a remark on how it’s not hard to guess how the Wind River got its name. You know that feeling when a 10mph headwind feels like a tailwind because you’ve been taking 30-40mph winds to the face all day?

Two views from the butte outside Thermopolis. 

Entrance to Wind River canyon. 

Within the canyon. 

First glimpse of the Wind River mountains. 

Enjoying the scenery, if not the wind direction, of the Wind River valley.  

Camped by a large and presumably artificial lake. Right here is where my camera quit working. 

Cool buttes. 


Crow Heart Butte. Named after a post-battle display of a Crow warrior’s heart on a Shoshone chief’s spear. The sign also noted that he liked white men and didn’t have any of their scalps in his tepee. How nice of him. 

At lunch I met three other bike tourists, two Dutch and one American. Then we crossed paths with three more going the opposite way. Sure is crowded here on the TransAm. 

The scenery was great all day, especially after lunch. As much as I could keep my head up as opposed to staying as far under the wind as possible, I enjoyed looking around. 

Still reminds me of Utah, which I guess has no monopoly on red rock. 

Several crossings of the Wind River. 

Eventually the hoodoos started looking reminiscent of Bryce Canyon, a bit. 

Finally in Dubois. Nice view of the mountains, a burger, and then taken in by episcopalians. Happy camping in the church office floor. Been warned not to leave the highway on the pass tomorrow – grizzly country! Given that thousands of cyclists bike this route every year, I feel fairly safe. 


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