Tetons and Yellowstone

Reporting it from West Yellowstone, MT. Just got out of a great long weekend in two of the most impressive national parks we’ve got. I’ve been spending the afternoon in the public library poring over maps and figuring out a route across Idaho.

The parks were great, and I’ve included a somewhat random selection of photos, because now that I’m in scenic places I’m taking a lot and it’s hard to judge from the tiny thumbnails my phone offers which pictures are the best. While there I continued to enjoy being on and near the TransAmerica Trail and meeting lots more cycle tourists (enough that I’ve officially given up keeping count). I did a little hiking and saw quite a few wildlifes, and even some grizzly poop – but no bears in person. What a rip-off!

My calculations have also revealed that I’m likely to finish the trip a bit earlier than I had been guessing – probably around the first weekend of august, barring any major delays. I’m excited to be on the home stretch even though the parts coming up are going to be the best – hopefully including, and not despite, a traverse of southern Idaho’s desert. 

Grand Teton NP offers far more singularly stunning views than Yellowstone. I got plenty of photos of these peaks. 

Views from my campsite at Jenny Lake. 

On to Yellowstone after a big climb into the plateau. 

A natural feature up an isolated trail. 

Bison were quite relaxed in their attitude toward people and our dwellings. 

They also didn’t seem to care if they caused traffic jams. 

And they enjoy the smell of rotten eggs; at least I assume that’s why they were always hanging around geothermal features. 

One of many holes spewing smelly steam from the ground. 

Hayden Valley was wildlife central. I later saw some shots taken by a wildlife photographer of the wolf packs that roam the area. 

Shot includes a bald eagle and z herd of elk crossing the river. 

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was a highlight. 

Obligatory reference to “Neature Walk,” my favorite YouTube video. 

More steaming gateways to hell!

Nice meadow where I camped last night. 

I rode yesterday with this Canadian guy, Ben, on his way to Vancouver. 

More great western scenes on the way down from Yellowstone. 

State #10 down. I’ll also knock out Montana today for my only three-state day of the trip. 

Now I have to rush to get groceries for the next two days of riding through desolate country, and push another 18 miles to a Warmshowers. The wind looks strong; sure hope it’s with me. 


3 thoughts on “Tetons and Yellowstone”

  1. Neature walk! I had forgotten that inspirational video- thanks for the reminder. Really really fabulous pics Julian – Amazing landscape.


  2. The Tetons are probably my favorite scenery in all of the United States. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  3. Great pictures and glad you went through Yellowstone! So cool that we were able to get together with in Jackson. Thanks for the postcard and congratulations on the completion of your excellent adventure!


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